“God is so good, and His timing is crazy and never aligned with our own clock. You have no idea how happy I have been to gain understanding and wisdom from your class. To actually have received the answers to my questions from your teaching without having asked the questions to you personally tells me that I have been led to the School of Moses for a deeper purpose and training.”

-Christina Owens-

“Participating in the School of Moses has been an experience wherein the Pastors, leaders and other students have poured into me, lifted me up and covered me so that I could learn and continue to grow. I was stalled in my spiritual journey when I entered the school in Sept and through the school, new life, meaning and purpose have been installed into my walk with the Lord. The school has been a year of passive participation, introspection, silent discovery and a journey to provide some emotional healing.”

-William McCoy-

“At this point, I can’t imagine my life without the School of Moses, Turning Point or the people that I now consider family and those connections will deepen, but it also goes beyond that as it will continue to prepare me for my purpose in His Kingdom.”

-Kimberly Bulger-