Some of our courses include:

Elementary Principles - Foundational teaching as laid out in Hebrews 6:1-2 including: -Repentance from dead works and faith toward God
-The doctrine of baptisms
-Laying on of hands

-Resurrection of the dead and eternal judgement

Spirit, Soul, and Body – In depth study on the three parts of the human being, according to Scripture:
-Spirit – the ‘real you’, the eternal part of each person that communicates with God, the ‘heart’ -Soul – the mind, will, and emotions; the personality that mixes spirit and experience

-Body – the physical, perishable part of the human; the ‘flesh’

Two Kingdoms – An eye-opening course contrasting the “World’s System” or the Kingdom of Darkness with the Kingdom of God. Study points will include:
-How to walk by faith
-Discerning between the two kingdoms

-Gaining liberty from the Kingdom of Darkness

Healing in the Word of God – Clear and concise teaching on healing in the Word of God, as well as real-life testimony and hands-on experience. Questions answered such as:
-Is healing for everyone?
-Why do some believers die from sickness, disease, and injury?

-How can I receive and maintain supernatural healing?

The Eternal Purpose of Mankind – A revelatory teaching from the big picture to the personal aspects of humankind’s purpose on this earth. Learn about:
-Why you were created and your role in eternity
-What was happening in heaven and on earth before mankind was made

-The plans and intentions God has for the future

Demonology – An extensive and interesting history of demons from ancient origins to modern times and throughout the Bible. Find out:
-The origin of Satan and demons
-Why Satan is called the “god of this world” and why evil and tragedy exists

-Our authority in Christ over Satan, demons, and angels

Qualified – An inspiring course from author and teacher Tony Cooke about true discipleship and taking the next step into your calling. Discover:
-The call of God on your life
-God’s attitude toward relationships, money, and honor

-How to become the person you aspire to be

A Living Organism – Revolutionary insight on how God is ready for the Body of Christ to be united, healthy, effective, and ALIVE! Find out:
-How the modern church has resorted to theatrics to target an audience
-How every person in the Body of Christ is a crucial supply to one another

-The gifts that the Holy Spirit has given us to fulfill the purpose of God on this earth

Prayer, Praise, and Worship – Learn about the amazing power of prayer, praise, and worship to actually change the world around you! Points include:
-Various expressions, forms, and functions of praise from Scripture
-The difference between worship and praise

-How to effectively pray for personal, corporate, and global matters with real results

Church History – Intriguing and inspirational teaching on the history of God moving through His people from the time of Jesus up into the modern day! Learn about:
-Various moves of God and revivals throughout history
-‘Generals of Faith’ that have paved the way for us today

-How signs and wonders have always punctuated the move of God

The Untouched – This is the course to ask any questions about the Bible you have ever wanted answered. We will cover such things as:
-Animals, dinosaurs, and cavemen

-Giants, witches, mermaids, and more

Self-Denial – Learn the art and discipline of crucifying the flesh and making the spirit king. Points include:
-Financial management
-Forgiveness and walking in love