Painting by Sir Edward John Poynter 1867.

Painting by Sir Edward John Poynter 1867.

It all started when…

The Holy Ghost spoke to Pastor Natali with these words, "Build a legacy".  This word 'legacy' inspired him into study, and lead him into truths about God being the God of generations.  When God mandates a move, it is a generational move.  Things that the Lord wants to accomplish are too big for just one person or organization, they are established through whole generations.

To think like God is to think about our children, and their children.  It was in this way that the Lord dealt with Abraham, the blessing upon him spanned the generations after him until this very day.  There is major importance in understanding the purpose of each generation.  By disobedience the children of Israel died in the wilderness, except for the two that lived to walk in the promise.  However it was to Moses' credit that the generation freed from Egypt was kept alive in the wilderness till their children inherited the blessing of Abraham. 

God has revealed that we are a 'Moses' generation!  There were promises made for those who came before us, and it is our time to walk into them, and lead our children into them.  Somewhere along the way the enemy crept in and enslaved the Bride of Christ through the concept of the world's system, as Egypt had enslaved the children of Israel.  We are the School of Moses, with the assignment of leading God's chosen people back out from under the slavery of Egypt, and into the Promised Land of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  This has been confirmed in the heart of Pastor Natali, as he and the ministry had received over twelve prophetic words over a span of more than twenty years that have to do with correlations to Moses. 

Over two and a half million people were freed from slavery in the time of Moses.  There are over seven billion people on the earth today.  There needs to be a mass exodus in this generation so that there can be a generation that ushers in the return of our King!